Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Minidoo Gaaming Bimooseyang -Georgian Bay Water Walk 2013

Minidoo Gaaming Bimooseyang
Georgian Bay Water Walk 2013

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Beausoleil First Nation Territory


The Mnidoo Gaaming Bimooseyang Water Walk lasted 17 days, starting at Cedar Point, Ontario on June 21st, 2013 and concluding at Cedar Point, Ontario on July 7th, 2013 went a total distance of 787 KM around Georgian Bay.


The objectives of this walk were to:

1)      Raise awareness about declining water levels in Georgian Bay

2)      Pray for the water and give thanks, keeping in mind the ancestors before us.

3)      Build unity amongst all people who share in Georgian Bay regardless of age, race or gender.

4)      Sharing with all the true name of Georgian Bay, Spirit Lake, Minidoo Gaaming.

5)      Visit many of the sacred places that Anishinabe people gathered.

Prayers were offered in the morning and night and along each step of the walk for healing of lands, waters, and air, as well as healing for all the people and the mind, body and spirit. Walkers connected with people in every community from Collingwood, to Owen Sound to Little Current, to Parry Sound. The walk was supported by 10 First Nation Communities and many sacred places were visited, histories were shared.  Special thanks to all the elders who shared their teachings, lifted their pipes and prepared ceremony for the walker in all the communities on the journey.

It was truly an honour for all to take part in this work for the water. It is safe to say that all objectives of this walk were met and exceeded, lasting connections were formed. While the walk has concluded, the work for water must and will continue, we will now move forward more determined and more connected. We will work together to ensure this life source, Minidoo Gaaming, will forever flow for all future generations.


For helping Anishinabe Kwe remember her work for water, we give thanks to Grand Chief Eddie Benton-Beniase and Ogimaa Kwe Leona Stevens and all those of the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge.

For the original vision of Water Walks, we give forever thanks too Josephine Mandamin and all those who helped with the Mother Earth Water Walks. A special thank-you goes to Doreen Day for the composition of the Water Song that we constantly offered along our journey.

To the community of Beausoleil First Nation who were the inspiration of this walk, for all you have all had to endure the most with low water levels, for every time you had to get on the boat clinging to the ramps in order to not fall, you have sacrificed for us all.  Also, thank you to all the members of Beausoleil First Nation who came out to support the walkers in their return to Cedar Point.

Special thank you to Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee.

Chi-Miigwech to:

Individual contributors:

1.       The Late Karen Manitowabi

2.       The Men and Women of Wikwemikong who brought water from the 4 directions of Mnidoo Mnissing

3.       Nookmis Donna Debassige

4.       Shayne Shawongonabe

5.       Hector Copegog

6.       Leon and Mary Jane King

7.       Gloria King

8.       Elder Lawrence Pawis and Norine Pamajewon

9.       Elder Lila Tabobondung

10.   Peggy and Monikka McGregor

11.   Elders Gordan and Pearl Waindubence

12.   Edward Mixemong

13.   Margaret White

14.   Chief Roland Monague, Beausoleil

15.   Chief Councillor Joanne Sandy

16.   Chief Pomossige Shining Turtle, Whitefish River First Nation

17.   Chief Wayne Pamajewon, Shawanaga First Nation

18.   Councillor Anne Pamajewon, Shawanaga First Nation

19.   Kathleen Padlo

20.   Nathan Keeshig and Family

21.   Sue Chiblow

22.   Richard Banigan

23.   Nadine and Randy Kidd

24.   Mskwaankwaat Rice

25.   John Rice

26.   Aileen Rice

27.   Christine King

28.   Jeff Monague

29.   Keegan Keeshig

30.   Liz Eshkibok

31.   The Women of the Georgian Bay United Church

32.   Peter Recollet

33.   Mayor Gord McKay of Midland

34.   Mayor Scott Warnock of Tiny Township

35.   Mayor Gerry Marshall of Penetanguishene

36.   Marla Monague

37.   Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy

38.   Dave Hueson, Bev, Julie and Jane at the First Nations Cairn in Georgian Bay Township.

39.   Angela Haskill-Kym

40.   Jayne Monague

41.   Jeff Skye

42.   Reg Wesley

43.   Alex Malcolm

44.   Mark Lafrance

45.   Jeff Lavalley

46.   Corey Jones

47.   Mary Ann Wilhem

48.   Maurice Switzer

49.   Linda Roy

50.   Bruce McComber

51.   Brian Charles

52.   Carol Grant

53.   Rama Women’s Church Group

54.   Curtis Assance

55.   Travis and Candice King

56.   Sheri Charlebois

57.   Kathy St. Amant

58.   Carol Pegmahgabow

59.   Wakauman Pawis

60.   Sharon Weatherall

61.   Community Members of Whitefish River First Nation who drove the boat from Whitefish to Killarney.



1.       The Georgian Bay Native Women’s Association

2.       The Union of Ontario Indians/Anishinabek Nation

3.       The Christian Island United Church

4.       Henvey Inlet First Nation, Chief and Council, Community Members

5.       Wasauksing First Nations, Chief and Council, Community Members

6.       White Fish River First Nation, Chief and Council, Community Members

7.       Shequiandah First Nation, Chief and Council, Community Members

8.       Shawanaga First Nation, Chief and Council and Community Members

9.       Beausoleil First Nation, Chief and Council and Community Members

10.   Naaywaashinggaming First Nation & Community

11.   Magentawan First Nation and Community

12.   Shawanaga Healing Centre

13.   Saugeen First Nation & Community

14.   Wahta First Nation & Community

15.   Wikwemikong Community and Elders

16.   All Ontario Chiefs Conference

17.   Serpent River First Nation Youth

18.   Georgian Bay United Church, Rev. Gwen Nicol-McDonald

19.   Mikwikwedong Friendship Centre – Owen Sound

20.   The Great Lakes Commons

21.   Simcoe North NDP

22.   Owen Sound NDP

23.   Chi-Gaamik

24.   Wasse Abin Junior School - Wikwemikong

25.   Wasauksing Language Camp

26.   Stop the Drop

27.   Rama United Church

28.   Georgian Bay Forever

29.   Anishinabek Police Service

30.   Ontario Provincial Police

31.   Owen Sound Area Women’s Drum Group

32.   DNA Fish and Chips

33.   Chiefs of Ontario

34.   Union of Ontario Indians Women’s Commission

35.   Union of Ontario Indians Water Commission

36.   Ireva Photography

37.   Cape Croker Wellness Centre and Staff

Those who walked:

1.       Charles Petatahgoose Jr.

2.       Dylan Monague

3.       George Steel

4.       Vicky King

5.       Ronat John

6.       Nookmis Shirley John

7.       Mishomis Ron John

8.       Tania Ritchie

9.       Sheila Elliot

10.   Jorja Elliot

11.   Kathy Hopson

12.   Ken Albert

13.   Gloria King

14.   Joanne Keeshig

15.   John Keeshig

16.   Rebecca Eamer-Smith

17.   Deanna Jones- Keeshig

18.   Karl Keeshig

19.   Julia Pegmahgabow

20.   Chuck Petatahgoose

21.   Jessie Pegmahgabow

22.   Faith Pegmahgabow

23.   Tori Cress

24.   Marion Kelly, Neegaaneese and Daamin

25.   Deina Bomberry

26.   Kimaya Pawis

27.   Andrea Pawis

28.   Gary Lediard

29.   Erica Martin

30.   Jason Martin

31.   Ray Deleary

32.   Dawn Estelle Deleary

33.   Mike Nadjiwon

34.   Ashley Nadjiwon

35.   Spencer Nadjiwon

36.   Morgan King

37.   Johnathan Trachen

38.   Theodore and Wife of Owen Sound

39.   Aileen Monague

40.   Aimee Grenier

41.   Colin Dobell

42.   Nancy Atwell

43.   Luanna Harper

44.   Deb Danard

45.   Evan Smith

46.   Teresa Burnett-Cole

47.   Sage Petatahgoose

48.   Emma Petatahgoose

49.   Doreen Keeshig

50.   Journee Keeshig

51.   Nolan Keeshig

52.   Rosanne Monague

53.   Calista Monague

54.   Xavier Monague

55.   Ocean Johnston

56.   Ian Akiwenzie

57.   Lucas Cress

58.   Jeremy King

59.   B. Jeff Monague

60.   Alison Bradshaw

61.   Riannon Bradshaw

62.   Travis King

63.   Candice Sawyer King

64.   Travis King Jr.

65.   Kane King

66.   Meadow King

67.   Shelby Shawongonabe

68.   Shaylah Shawongonabe

69.   Jimelda Johnson

70.   Trish Monague

71.   Sara Monague

72.   Evan Horrell

73.   Laura Lee Harris and Partner

74.   Councillor Anne Marie Prouxl , Neyaashingaming

75.   Taylor Judge

76.   Sherrill Judge

77.   Patricia Pawis

78.   Kendra Tabobondung-Pawis

79.   Mary Cadieux

80.   Chastity Pedonoquotte

81.   Polly Tobias Keeshig

82.   Leigh Akiwezie

83.   Councillor Dave Rice, Wasauksing

84.   Tiffany Taylor

85.   Stacey Monague

86.   Todd Copegog

87.   April Peltier

88.   Joyce Johnson

89.   Alice Ann Hussin

90.   Trish Meekins

91.   Doris Beardy

92.   Amy Dejarlais

93.   Edith Pawis

94.   Brody Pawis

95.   Karen Pegmahgabow

96.   Kelly King

97.   Stan Moses

98.   Kiana Moses

99.   Debbie Moses

100.                        Percy Tabobondung

101.                        Brenda Jackson

102.                        Connie Doerksen

103.                        Larissa Kidd

104.                        Cody Blacksky

105.                        Addison Moffat

106.                        Arika Moffat

Thank you to all those who followed the event on Facebook and Twitter, all the receiving communities, supporters near and far. Thank you also to those who offered prayers.

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